Use the full power of options

without the need for a counterparty

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DeltaDex is a 1inch hackathon winner and grant recipient


Replicate any option contract

Run a strategy that at expiry yields a comparable PnL to the selected option contract

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Manage your positions

Track and manage the intermediate results of your option strategies


Hedge against impermament loss

Liquidity providers can hedge against IL by replicating put options

Earn higher yield

Protect your assets from impermament loss on Uniswap V3 by replicating a put option contract

Fully decentralized

The DeltaDex protocol is built with decentralization at heart, with no central authority that controls user funds.

By using mathematical formulas, the DeltaDex smart contract continuously calculates the amount of the underlying asset to buy or sell and autonomously executes the trade.

Hedge your Uniswap LP position

Choose your own risk-profile with our Position builder

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